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How to Choose the Perfect Container

Nothing says, “finishing touch” like the perfect garden container.  The color, size, shape, texture and material of containers offer a myriad of possibilities for enhancing your space.

Choosing the right container involves a few questions.  First, what am I planting in here?  If you want to plant a tree or shrub and want it to get large, you need a substantial container.  Remember that root room is critical.  A plant can only get as large as its container.  So, providing plenty of space for root growth will mean your plant can grow to its full size.  Also, in this application, fill the entire container with soil.

If the plantings will be small shrubs/perennials then you can decrease the size of the container or use a large container and block off the bottom of the container with space reducing discs, upside down black plastic containers or other lightweight material. 

Smaller growing perennials and/or annuals do not require as much root room – so choose a small size container and plant away!

Then, what material?

Frost proof ceramic containers are often a first choice as they come in such a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and textures.  Make sure the body of the container is at least an inch thick for true winter cold and summer heat protection.

For cost savings, simple polyurethane containers are a fabulous choice.  They are long lasting, lightweight and the neutral colors lend themselves to many applications.

Another option would be a lightweight container that is a, “step above” the polyurethane option.  Fibercement, or Fiberstone are two types of containers that are lightweight but with a more modern look. 

The last consideration is color/texture/pattern.  Think about where this container will be placed and what is it you are attempting to accomplish.  If you want plants to be the showstopper, utilizing simple, neutral colors will provide a backdrop for color and drama.

If you are looking for a “color pop,” go with something bright that complements your plants.  This not only allows the plants to stand out, but also utilizes the container color as part of your decorating scheme.

Color can also work with a neural palette of plantings.  Let the container speak for itself.  This works well in a location where you can play the container color off a bright background, or you can let it stand alone.

Regardless of your choice, let Sky Nursery be your container headquarters!  We have a dedicated staff ready to help you choose, design and plant your new purchases.  Don’t see what you like on the floor?  Ask about special orders!