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Choosing Fountains by Sound

By Gretchen Brevoort

As the fountain buyer I am always asked, “what is your favorite fountain”? My answer is, I have different favorite fountain styles for different reasons.

When customers are looking for a fountain they usually have some sort of style in mind.  My job is to then help them look at all the aspects of fountains they are considering – and then suggest some styles they hadn’t even thought of.

It’s always a pleasure for me to give customers tours of Sky’s fountains and talk about their goals and visions. Let’s do that together now! There’s no substitute for seeing and hearing the fountains in person, but this virtual tour might help you get started. 

The Sound of Water

Sound is the most common priorities I hear when someone is looking for fountains. Sometimes they want it to drown out the street/neighbor noise, or just want to hear the relaxing sound of water. Others would prefer a quieter fountain. 

So what determines how fountains sound, and how to do you choose the one that will sound best to you?

The key components of fountain sounds are the distance the water falls, and the amount of water falling at a time. Each fountain is unique, so let’s look at a few examples. 

Loud Fountains

If you are trying to cover up less pleasant sounds, or if you just prefer a louder fountain, you might want to look at these options. 

Valencia Fountain

Valencia Fountain

Alfresco Fountain

Alfresco Fountain

These make a lovely water sound because the water is not only divided up, but has many places to fall.

In addition to these where the water is broken up, getting a fountain with a large waterfall drop, like the one below, adds gorgeous noise as well.

Uccelli Fountain

Uccelli Fountain


Echoing Fountains

If loud is not your main goal, but you still want to hear the sound of water, there is another factor to listen too. When water drops inside a vessel it makes a lovely echo sound as well as the water falling sound.

Rustic Pot Fountain

Girona Fountain

The advantage of these fountains is that you get noise but not as much splash. If you have a cascade of water falling, you are probably going to get a lot of water splashing out. The area around your fountain will be wet. Not only that, but you will probably be refilling your fountain more frequently.

The Girona fountain above is self-contained. What this means is the water is contained in the fountain itself and continuously recirculates. 

Customize your own Basalt Column Fountain  

For other noisy fountains with a totally different aesthetic, you might want a basalt column fountain. We carry faux basalt fountains from a local manufacturer. The nice thing is that they are lighter weight than actual stone.

These have the advantage of providing lots of sound that you can regulate. You purchase the parts separately, and you get to set them up the way you want. We can work with you to get the perfect water noise. However, they do take up some space.



Other Considerations

If you don’t care about the level of sound, your options are extensive. Our fountains come in all sorts of colors and styles. One of my favorite fountain styles is a jar and basin where you see the water running down the side catching the sunlight in a multitude of facets.

Jar Fountain

Jar Fountain

Think of the birds too! Birds love running water. If you have a fountain with dish areas they can take a bath.  If you have running streams, the hummingbirds will buzz by. Take a look at the fountain to see what options the birds might have.

Know that in addition to the cute fuzzy birds, your fountain will also draw crows. Be prepared for this. Sharing is caring! In my fountain displays here at Sky Nursery, I am usually cleaning out one or two of the fountains on a daily basis  

No matter what style you choose, remember that all fountains are work. It is not something you set up and then don’t have to think about again.They grow algae, the pumps get clogged, crows use them, they have to be drained in the winter. 

This shouldn’t dissuade you from purchasing and enjoying a fountain, though! We want to help you know what you are up for and give you the tools to make it as easy as possible.