Plant Guarantee

Plant Guarantee

Your perennial and nursery stock plant purchases from Sky Nursery are guaranteed for six-months, excluding seasonal plants such as annuals, houseplants, and hanging baskets. Sky Nursery is not responsible for any plant problems due to improper siting, planting, or care, inclement weather, or damage incurred after the plant has left our care (insects, dogs, lawn mowers, etc).

Refund Policy

If a plant is defective, return the plant with your original sales receipt and plant tag. All returns are subject to approval by the department manager and need to be accompanied by the sales receipt.
Credit Card Sales with receipt will be credited back to the card.
Cash Sales with receipt will receive cash back. Cash refunds over $75.00 will be issued with a refund check within three business days.
Check Sales with receipt will be refunded after ten business days.

No Receipt.  All returns are subject to manager’s approval.  Store credit will be issued at last sale price. 

Choosing appropriate plants for your garden environment is the first step to successful gardening. Sky Nursery’s staff can share planting ideas for your special garden situation, or explain how to improve existing soil and expand your planting options.

Planting Instructions

Water plants and planting area first. Never plant a dry plant or place a plant into dry soil. Dig a hole two to three times the width of the plant and slightly deeper than the plant’s root ball.

If soil appears to be clay or sand, work in one-third organic material to the existing soil. Then mix in a starter fertilizer, following the instructions on the package.

Fill the hole with enough amended soil so that the plant is planted at the same level as it was in the pot. Remove plant from the container, loosening the roots around the edges. Gently place the plant in the hole and backfill with amended soil.
Water the new plant thoroughly. To stimulate root growth and reduce plant shock, use Dr. Earth Starter Fertilizer, E.B. Stone Sure Start, Superthrive or Ferti•lome Root Stimulator.

If a tree needs staking, stake low to allow the tree tops to move in the wind and gain strength. Remove the stakes as soon as the tree is stable or after one year.

All plants, including drought tolerant plants, need regular watering in the first two dry seasons to become established.

Winter Hardiness

The Seattle area, including Sky Nursery is USDA zone 8, which refers to the average winter low temperature. (If using the Sunset Western Garden Book system the Seattle area is generally sunset zone 5). Colder winters occur from time to time and may cause unexpected damage and plant loss. Plants being grown in containers need to be hardy to at least two zones colder (zones 5 or 6) for reliable winter survival.