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FertilizersYour garden and lawn deserve the best care. At Sky, you'll find a great selection of products to help you control insects, diseases, and weeds. Our stock ranges from beneficial insects and micro-organisms to organically-accepted pesticides and herbicides to a wide assortment of chemical controls.

Come talk to our certified staff, who will very gladly help you select the appropriate solution to whatever gardening problem you might have (and, for that matter, help you identify what the problem might be).

Organic fertilizersFor the nourishment your garden and lawn need, visit our nursery. We carry an extremely broad assortment of fertilizers. You will find national all-purpose brands such as Miracle-Gro and Osmocote, as well as a number of organic, West Coast, and specialty lines such as Dr. Earth, Down to Earth, Greenall, EB Stone, Foxfarm, Xtreme Gardening, and Alaska Fish Fertilizer.

We carry all-purpose fertilizers, blends specifically for coddling certain types of plants (roses, berries, rhodies, veggies, bulbs, orchids…), and single-ingredient products (such as alfalfa, super phosphate, and bone meal) for the blend-it-yourselfers. Most products are available in different sizes to meet your needs. Sound complicated? Just tell us what you need it for, and we can tell you what to use.



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