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  • Apply dormant spray to trees, shrubs, & roses (1 of 3) and to peaches (2 of 4).
  • Transplant trees & shrubs now.
  • Mulch roses if weather requires.
  • Shop early for best selection of holiday greens, Christmas trees, poinsettias, amaryllis.


  • Apply dormant spray to trees, shrubs, & roses (2 of 3) and to peaches (3 of 4).
  • Mulch plants to protect from cold.
  • Take Christmas trees to be recycled as mulch.
  • Keep bird feeders filled - food is scarce now!
  • Buy Northwest Flower & Garden Show tickets!


  • Best selection of roses and fruit trees!
  • Plant primroses, pansies for early color.
  • Shop for berries, asparagus, rhubarb, garlic, and potatoes.
  • Purchase fragrant flowering shrubs such as witch hazel,daphne, and sarcococca.
  • Apply final dormant spray to peaches, deciduous trees, shrubs, & roses.
  • Prune fruit trees; purchase Orchard Mason Bees to pollinate them.
  • Plant sweet peas as soon as the soil is warm enough.
  • Bait for slugs with a pet-safe slug bait such as Sluggo™ or Worry Free™.
  • Plant evergreen perennials: heuchera, hellebores, euphorbias, & more.


  • Cultivate vegetable garden; add fertilizer, compost, and lime.
  • Plant peas, potatoes, onions, cabbage family, lettuce, and spinach.
  • Lawn care: mow, thatch, and apply fertilizer and moss control.
  • Prune roses and remove mulch.
  • Groom your perennial beds; remove old foliage, fertilize lightly, and top dress with compost.
  • Fresh selection of perennials, shrubs, and trees arriving now at SKY NURSERY.
  • Fertilize rhododendrons and trees.
  • Shop for summer-blooming bulbs.
  • Orchard Mason Bees will pollinate your plants as the weather warms.
  • Start tuberous begonias indoors for full summer baskets.
  • Lots of spring color in now! Brighten your garden.


  • Plant cold tolerant bedding plants such as alyssum and dusty miller.
  • Lawn care: MOW! When the soil warms, treat for crane fly larvae with beneficial nematodes.
  • Continue to plant March vegetables; start planting carrots, beets, leeks, Oriental greens.
  • Bait for slugs with a pet-safe slug bait like Sluggo™ or Worry Free™.
  • Apply organic fertilizers with mycorrhizae.
  • Plant summer bulbs: dahlia, glads, lilies, tons more.


  • A mild winter means bugs and slugs are more prevalent than ever-keep a close watch on your plants!
  • Fertilize rhododendrons after bloom and remove spent flowers. Keep watered during the summer to ensure good flower bud set for next year.
  • Apply organic lawn food and dolomite lime to your lawn. If necessary, seed or re-seed now.
  • Prune spring-flowering shrubs after bloom.
  • Remove spent flowers from spring-flowering bulbs. Leave the foliage until it has withered and turned brown.
  • Fertilize roses with alfalfa meal, Sul-Po-Mag, and organic rose food. Watch for aphids on new growth.
  • Mulch with Cedar Grove Compost to help conserve moisture.
  • Plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, corn, and other warm season vegetables.
  • Fertilize heavy blooming annuals such as fuchsias, begonias, & geraniums every two weeks.
  • Great selection of herbs, bedding plants, vegetables, perennials, groundcovers, and ferns available now.
  • Plant containers with blooming annuals for color all summer. Top dress with Osmocote.


  • Groom perennials; feed with organic fertilizer to encourage continued bloom.
  • Continue to fertilize bedding plants and annuals. Protect your new transplants from heat!
  • Water DEEPLY so you won't need to water so often.
  • Keep weeds pulled!
  • Plant your basil outdoors now.


  • Lawn care: water about 1" once a week. Use E-Z-Wet or Perc-o-late to keep lawns lush. Mow a little higher (2-2-1/2") to shade the grass roots. Use a mulching mower and leave the clippings on.
  • Deadhead annuals to promote continued flowering; keep fertilizing.
  • Fertilize the vegetable garden. Plant fall/winter crops: carrots, beets, broccoli, and gourmet greens.
  • Fertilize roses with steer manure and organic rose food.
  • Water your shrubs and perennial beds DEEPLY to encourage deeper rooter systems.


  • Shop for spring-flowering bulbs: daffodils, crocus, tulips, hyacinths, and exotics.
  • Lawn care: mow, fertilize, thatch, and lime. Good time to seed new lawns or to lay sod. If cranefly larvae levels are high, control now and in October.
  • Plant mums, dusty miller, pansies, flowering kale for fall and winter color.
  • Plant fall and winter vegetable transplants now.
  • September and October are excellent times to plant trees and shrubs.


  • Mulch perennials and semi-hardy plants.
  • After the first frost, cut fuchsias back to the edge of the basket and store for the winter. Check monthly for water.
  • Dig up and store geraniums, tuberous begonias.
  • Reduce feeding and watering of houseplants.
  • Divide perennials.
  • Prune cane berries.
  • Keep leaves raked off lawn; recycle by composting.


  • Cut back mums to 6" when they finish blooming.
  • Finish planting bulbs!
  • Keep weeds pulled! Control shotweed now.
  • Clean up and cut back perennial beds.
  • Plant budded camellias now.
  • Winterize ponds and fountains.
  • Mid-month: spray peach trees for leaf curl (1 of 4).
  • Fertilize lawns with a good fall fertilizer.
  • Birds need food, shelter, and water for the winter! Click here for information on Sky's supplies for birds and bird lovers.



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