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Capture Summer with Flavorful Berries

A beautiful berry plucked warm from the sun and popped straight into your mouth is one of the best ways to capture summer's sweetness. In late January our bareroot berries arrive; we plant them up in a custom soil mix with a starter fertilizer ensuring the plants are healthy and strong for your planting when you are ready. The best selection for most berries is in February. You have the pick of the crop early on and by planting immediately a healthy root system can begin establishing itself before the dry summer weather is here.

Our dusky blue blueberries produce at different times, and the incredible flavors vary from berry to berry. We carry small "wild-type" blueberries on up to cherry-sized berries.

Raspberries and blackberries are among the many "aggregate" fruits. Each little tiny round bit of the berry was once a flower. Each flower is pollinated and all the small fruits come together to form one raspberry. Encourage pollinators in your yard with blooming annuals, perennials or shrubs. Blackberry pie can be incredibly delectable, so this year we have some new varieties known to be prolific bearers in the Northwest. Many are thornless. More pie please!

If you are looking for grapes to grow vigorously along an arbor, we carry table and wine grapes that happily grow in this region. Did you know you can add a grape leaf to your pickling cucumbers for extra crunchy pickles? We can help with successful growing practices.

For jams or jellies and a little spunk for your palate, try jostaberries, red and black currants, and gooseberries. Besides theses berries, get ready for bareroot strawberries with a selection including over twenty varieties, both June-bearing and everbearing. Mmm... homemade strawberry jam!

Plant berries early in the season for best success and selection. Berries with all their colors, textures, and flavors, are edibles which, with proper care, produce more abundantly with each passing year.

By Kristel Dillon
Skylights Spring 2010, Vol 25, No. 1

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