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Jr. Gardeners

Sky Nursery invites our young friends to become part of Sky's Junior Gardeners Club! Joining the club is FREE for young people (ages kindergarten through grade 6) who are interested in the wonderful world of gardening.

The quarterly club newsletter includes informational articles on everything from vegetables to bird life, fun games, recipes, craft ideas, and exciting gardening activities.

Ask Professor Pansy...

Professor Pansy loves plants and gardens, and she loves to share what she knows. If you've got a questions. She would love to help. Just ask.

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Month by Month Calendar

We've got lots of fun stuff planned for 2017! Click here to check out all of our events and free gifts for 2017, so your family can plan ahead for the year. 

Become a Jr. Gardener

Get in on the fun! The Junior Gardeners Club is for all local kids in K-6th grade. To join, just come on in to Sky Nursery to pick up a free Junior Gardener membership card! Junior Gardeners can use their cards to get a special free gift each month, and all kids ages 5-12 are invited to join us for gardening events. Check out our downloadable newsletter (below) for more information. 

Answers from Professor Pansy

Now that it's winter, Professor Pansy is starting to catch up on some of the wonderful questions Junior Gardeners asked earlier this year. This time, she's answering questions about how roots grow, the very first plants people ever planted, how to choose the right shovel, and how trees make the oxygen that people need to breathe. Check it out here!

Make Seed Tape with Us Sunday, April 9th at 2:00pm

Seed tape is a clever little invention where small or hard to handle seeds are embedded into strips of paper that you can lay on the surface of your garden.  This way the seeds sprout in straight lines and they will be evenly spaced, not all clumped together in one spot.  We will provide seeds and paper, you provide a garden plot and help them grow.   We will also have seed matching games to explore and lots of different seeds to examine with a magnifying glass.   Cost for this activity is $9.14.  Come on in or give us a call at 206-546-4851 to register your Junior Gardener.



Download our spring newsletter

Our spring newsletter is here! Read about vegetables in fairy tales, gardening ideas, events, gifts and more! You can look at it on the web here,  OR  download a printer-friendly version here, or visit our Jr. Gardeners Headquarters in the greenhouse to pick up a paper copy.