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Food Forest Gardening: 5 reasons to give it a try

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Instead of fighting a constant battle with Mother Nature, follow her lead.

Choosing Fountains by Sound

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What determines how fountains sound, and how to do you choose? Join us for a virtual tour.

February Gardening Tips

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It's been a long winter, but we're finally seeing some signs of spring! Follow these gardening tips to kick-start your garden this ...

Garden Resolutions: plan ahead for a bountiful year

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What are your garden resolutions for 2017? Here are just a few of ours.
ripe apples on a tree

Dormant Sprays for Fruit Trees: prevent pest problems now

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For healthy fruit trees this summer, here’s what to do right now.

January Gardening Tips

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January is more a time of dreaming than doing in the garden--but don't neglect to do what should be done!