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Drought Tolerant Plants

In the Pacific Northwest, we might have more rain than we know what do with in the winter, but our summers can really dry out. Sky Nursery carries a large selection of plants that once established, thrive in dry summer conditions. We carry selections for both sun and shade.

Drought-tolerant plants come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. You’ll find just a few examples of our selection on this page. Sun-lovers are at the top, shady characters after the product photo. Let us help you design the perfect water-wise landscape to suit your tastes!

Sky's list of Waterwise Plants. Sky's Waterwise Gardening Tips. Check out the Saving Water Partnership!

Chamaecyparis 'Red Star'

Many conifers are drought tolerant once established.

Spanish Lavender

Corokia cotoneaster

Native to New Zealand, its common name is wire netting bush which describes the plant’s unique form.


California lilac is both pretty and tough.


This Australian native thrives in low-fertility, low-water conditions.


This West Coast native loves sunny dry locations.


Grasses add a graceful accent to your water-wise landscape.

The epitome of drought tolerant plants!

Succulents come in dozens of colors and shapes--come look.


... not just pink any more, but as hardy as ever.


Another drought-hardy perennial, and it's adored by beneficial insects including ladybugs and pollinators.


Lovely lavatera is sturdier than its delicate appearance suggests.

Sedum Autumn Joy

This drought-tolerant perennial will give you years of autumn bloom.

Royal Purple Smoke Tree

Smoke trees can also be found with green or gold summer foliage.


Exuberant on little water!


We stock well-behaved varieties such as 'Miss Ruby'.


Salvias come in an assortment of colors and heights.


Drought-tolerant conifers come in dozens of colors and forms. Not just ever-green!

Sumac in fall

Think ahead to fall color!

Water Wise Products

We have a large selection of products to help you conserve water this summer.


This extremely adaptable NW native thrives in sun, shade and most soil conditions.

Autumn Fern

Several ferns are drought-tolerant once established, including this autumn fern, deer fern, and sword fern.

Bergenia in winter/spring

The fleshy leaves of bergenia make it an attractive foliage plant year round, but early spring is when it really shines.


Sweet box earns that title with its scented winter flowers, but its glossy foliage makes it welcome year-round.


There are drought-tolerant euphorbias for either sun or shade.