Now is a great time to plant fruit trees, berries, and all hardy herbs. Fresh in: exotic edibles from all around the world: jujubes, caper bushes, kiwi vines, sansho, goumi, pawpaws, and pistachios!

Cool-tolerant vegetable starts can be planted now. This includes peas, lettuce and other greens, the cabbage family, root vegetables including potatoes, and onions. The first tomatoes will be here mid-month for people with greenhouses or a warm window, but the rest of us need to contain our impatience until it's warmer.


Unique edible ornamentals in the nursery: jujubes, pistachios, szechuan peppers, pawpaw, goji berries, tea camellias, spicebush, kiwis, and figs

Walla Walla sweet onions in now


Great selection of fruit trees, including over Northwest-ripening apples, and peaches, Asian and European pears and plums, and more!


Lettuce, spinach, kale, and other luscious greens are in stock now.

Pea starts are here


Cherry Trees

A dozen different varieties of cherries in stock now- sweet cherries, pie cherries, even bush cherries! Or get a combo tree to enjoy multiple varieties on a single tree.


Hundreds of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and currants are here now.


We carry warm climate citrus plants in our indoor plant department throughout the year. Call for availability!


Enjoy perennial vegetables such as rhubarb and horseradish year after year.


Both bulk and mini-tuber seed potatoes are now available.

Tarter tubs, planting bins, cedar containers and raised bed kits available

Vegetable & Flower Seeds

Our seed racks are here- regional and exotic varieties! Grow your own!

Organic fertilizers and soil enhancers


Hardy herbs can be grown year-round; enjoy fresh flavor!

Ladybug larvae are voracious aphid eaters.

We sell ladybugs and beneficial nematodes to help keep your garden pests in check.

Drip Irrigation Supplies