vegetable starts are in at Sky Nursery


Time to start planting your fall and winter vegetables! We've got the first starts in already for you. As always, we also have a good selection of replacement herbs--and everything you need to grow healthy food successfully, from organic fertilizer to ladybugs.

Out in the nursery field we carry figs and other fruit trees, blueberries, grape and kiwi vines, even exotics such as honeyberry and native edibles such as wild huckleberries.




Meyer lemons, Kumquats, Thai limes...

We carry warm climate citrus plants in our indoor plant department throughout the year. Call for availability



Tarter tubs, planting bins, cedar containers and raised bed kits available

Persimmon Trees

Lettuce and other lush veggie starts

Mushroom kits

Ladybug larvae are voracious aphid eaters.

We sell ladybugs and beneficial nematodes to help keep your garden pests in check.

Organic fertilizers and soil enhancers

Humagic, Cascade Minerals, Biochar

Revitalize your soil the natural way!

Seven varieties of thyme


Is your first planting starting to bolt? Replant now!

Herbs and edible fowers


upright and trailing

Drip Irrigation Supplies