Onion sets and garlic bulbs are here for October planting.  Herbs are still abundant--plant hardy varieties for fresh flavor through the winter. Fall is a great time to plant fruit trees, vines, and bushes; it gives them all winter to get established before trying to produce.  Some winter vegetables can still be planted.  Click for winter vegetable guide.

Gourmet garlic is here!

Sky has multiple varieties of gourmet garlic. Onion sets and starts are also available


upright and trailing


Plant in fall for production next summer!

Cool Season Vegetables

Figs that will ripen in the Northwest

Actinidia deliciosa 'Hayward'

Selected hardy and fuzzy kiwi varieties such as 'Hayward' can be grown in the Northwest.



We carry warm climate citrus plants in our indoor plant department throughout the year. Call for availability!

Tarter tubs, planting bins, cedar containers and raised bed kits available

Brewing Hops

Organic fertilizers and soil enhancers


Hardy herbs can be grown year-round; enjoy fresh flavor!


Northwest-proven varieties of apples


Goji (Lyceum) is one of several exotic berry bushes that produces well in the Puget Sound region.