Indoor Gardening

Sky's Indoor Gardening Department is bursting with foliage and flowering plants to suit any taste! Exotic air plants… foliage plants... bright blooms... carnivores... cactus... and the pots, hangers, and plant stands to display them to advantage. We also have the products you need to keep your indoor plants happy--specialty growing media and fertilizers, insect and disease control products, and the knowledgeable staff to help you select what you need.

Still-short days and low light levels mean your indoor plants will grow only slowly (unless you are using grow lights). Wait until new growth starts to increase watering and fertilizing. On the other hand, central heating can dry the air. Sensitive plants such as orchids may benefit from a humidity tray—just a water-filled tray with pebbles (or pot feet) so the plant is not sitting in water, but still benefits from the evaporation.

For information sheets on caring for selected indoor plants, check out our Sky library here.

Begonia luxurians

Unique begonia popular during the Victorian Era

Cape Primrose




Pitcher Plants & other carnivores

Begonia rex

Lovely arrangements made in-house

Mosaic Plant

A bowl full of frogbit

Cyanotis somaliensis

Calathea ornata

Pinstripe Calathea

Unusual Succulents

Meyer Lemon

Fragrant flowers, juicy tart fruit! Check out our citrus selection.

Full line of indoor pots

plus the soil, fertilizer, and know-how you need to keep your plants happy.

Angel Wing Begonia

Tillandsia in bloom

Brilliant color, easy care!

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Orchids make wonderful gifts. This "moth orchid" is particularly easy-care.


Terrariums and Tillariums

Make your own from scratch or from a kit, or grab a premade one.


Sky has a great selection of dramatic foliage plants for low-light situations, too. See us for suggestions.


Forget to water? Forget about worrying--if you select houseplant that tolerate drought.

Colorful Croton

Foliage can be as bright as flowers--and longer lasting.