purple rhododendron

Trees, Shrubs, & Vines

Sky carries a full line of trees, shrubs, and vines to fill your gardens or containers.  Our inventory changes through the year to reflect the best plants to grace each season.  Great selection of fruit trees, blueberries, and roses now. Not sure which type of rose you want?  Click to read a description of the different rose varieties. Fresh stock arriving daily:  conifers and broadleaf evergreens for structure and hedging, flowering cherries, crabapples, dogwoods, and magnolias, Japanese maples, pieris and rhododendrons in bloom, lilacs and azaleas and more!

Star Magnolia


Great selection of rose bushes in the nursery now. Hybrid teas, English roses, climbers, shrub roses, and more!

Szechuan Pepper

Unique edibles from around the world: jujube, pawpaw, capers, goji berries, tea camellias, pistachio, spicebush, kiwi, figs, etc.

Dawn Redwood

Clematis armandii

Early blooming evergreen clematis is lightly fragrant.


Great selection of dogwoods and other flowering trees now

Pieris, or Andromeda

Pollinators love it, and so will you

Lilacs are in stock

Great selection for late-spring bloom

Japanese Maple

Flowering Cherry

A dozen different flowering cherries in stock, plus crabapples, snowbell trees, and other blooming beauties

Atlas Cedar

PMJ Rhododendron

Great selection of rhodies and evergreen azaleas

Daphne odora

Great selection of daphnes for fragrance and color

Bonsai Starts