Fountains, Statuary, & Garden Art

Calming sounds of water, gracing the patio or center stage inside your home. Or, perhaps a delightful statue in just the right spot. Sky Nursery is fully stocked with a wide selection of indoor and outdoor water features, statuary and garden art.

Make your living space just that much more personal. Not finding just the right item? Ask us about special orders! We want to help you find the perfect piece to grace your living space. We are excited to share our treasures with you.

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Basalt Fountains


Bird Baths


Stone Bench

Leonesco Fountain

Rusted Metal Art

Water Bowls

Angel Statuary

Kaleidoscope Pavers

Created by Seattle Artisan

Local Artisans

Classic styles






We carry ready-to-install fountains in all shapes, sizes, and colors.



Asian-themed art


Table top fountains and statuary

Fish out of water

but at home in your garden!



Bird baths