Fresh for Fall

Our greenhouse tables and nursery beds are bursting with new stock for fall and winter. Whether you need to fill a front-door container with fresh fall color, are setting up your Halloween or harvest display, or want to add a dramatic accent to your winter landscape, we have a great selection.

Japanese maples, burning bush, and sumac are just starting their fall show. Hardy cyclamen is in bloom, ready to naturalize in your shady corners. Our tables in the greenhouse and store are bursting with fall color. Winter-interest plants such as evergreens and snowberry and red-twig dogwoods are here as well!


Grow Gourmet Garlic

Great selection! Check our library for descriptions and planting into.

Fall and Halloween Decor

Winter pansies and violas

Cool-weather cheer for your planters!

Straw bales

Golden Full Moon Maple

One of dozens of maple varieties we restock in fall for its spectacular show.

cover crops

plant now to enrich the soil and keep weeds down

Spring blooming bulbs to plant now

Daffodils, snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, muscari, crocus, and more, ready to put on a spectacular show next spring


Oxydendrum arboreum joins our lineup of trees brought in for fall color.


Beautyberry begins its display. We've got a good supply of bright-berried beauties for the fall.

Pumpkins and straw for fall decor

Northwest grown!

Chamaecyparis 'Melody'

Fresh stock of conifers in all colors! Gold, blue, rust, variegated.... and, yes, a great selection of ever-greens too!

Just in case...

A freeze could hit any time--we've got faucet covers, plant covers, and row covers ready to grab!

Nice Nests

species specific nestboxes made from reclaimed material in the Methow Valley

hardy cyclamen

will naturalize in shady areas

cabbages and kale

Plant natives for winter birds!

Fresh stock of natives to attract birds & humans-snowberry, twinberry, Nootka rose, hardhack, oceanspray, & more.

Pink-a-boo Camelia

Fresh shipment of camellias- over 40 varieties in stock and in bloom. Tea camellias included!

Winter Daphne

and other evergreens for winter color and fragrance

Large selection of hardy herbs

Wonderful selection of hellebores

Get the "Christmas Rose," the "Lenten Rose," and all the new hybrids for long-lasting winter bloom!


and peegee hydrangeas for fall color and flowers