Eyes bigger than your trunk? Sky delivers!

Just one day’s notice for most neighborhoods. 

Planting a new orchard or rose garden? Got your heart set on a tree or fountain that’s too large for your vehicle? In the middle of a big landscape project and you just don’t want to take the time to come pick up more bags of mulch? 

Sky delivers! Bulk material (see below), plants, statuary, fountains, and bagged goods – Tuesday through Saturday. 

  • Delivery charges depend on the address – call for details.
  • Standard delivery charge for items is for curbside delivery. Additional charges apply if you want products brought up stairs, taken to the backyard or otherwise placed.
  • If you are having multiple items delivered to the same address at the same time, one delivery charge applies to the whole order. 
  • Items requiring two or more people to deliver will be charged one delivery charge per person. 
  • Fountain installation and set up is additional. Call for quote. 

Sky delivers bulk materials! We require a 10 yard minimum. Our trucks have three internal bins, so customers can get up to three different products to make the minimum. (Example: a customer could get 6 yards of bark, 2 yards of soil, and 2 yards of gravel.) If you only need a few yards of bulk material delivered, call Sky for a referral to a local landscaper who can help you.