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A Gardener's Cutting Garden
You never know what a stroll through the garden — especially as spring unfurls — might yield... Read more.

Fabulous Fall Containers
As the heat of the summer wanes, it’s time to turn our attention to those tired or possibly overgrown container gardens. Read more.

Edible Ornamentals: Herbs and Blooms
Edible ornamentals are the blooming bombshells of the modern garden. Their impressive balance of function and glamour enables them to entice our senses in ways purely decorative plants can’t fathom. Read more.

Old Fashioned Flowers
Over the past few seasons, we’ve sensed an increasing fervor for ‘old-fashioned’ garden plants. Read more.

Late to the Party… but What an Entrance!
While fall is a wonderful time to take stock of your garden, to move, divide, and evaluate options for future plantings, it’s also prime time for the season’s late bloomers. Read more.

Gardening From the Ground Up
Groundcovers are the workhorses of the landscape. They come in many forms: creeping and upright, evergreen and deciduous, drought-tolerant and moisture-loving. Read more.

Peonies Rule!
With a little planning, you can have peonies in bloom for at least a few months in your yard. Read more.

Naturally Native
Want a Northwest look for your garden along with low maintenance, good disease resistance, shelter and food for wildlife, all topped off with beauty and color? Go Native! Read more.


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