beet greens


Now is the time to plant for fall and winter harvest! You can still put in cool season favorites such as broccoli, lettuce, kale and carrots. We also have information sheets to help you get started or care for your plants on our library page.

Blueberries and other fruit can be found in our tree and shrub department, including persimmons, currants, gooseberries, figs, grapes and unique edibles such as Paw Paw.


Great time to plant for summer harvest

Lettuce and other vegetable starts

Plant for Fall and Winter harvests

Cool season vegetable starts

Plant now for fall and winter harvest


upright and trailing

Ladybug larvae are voracious aphid eaters.

We sell ladybugs and beneficial nematodes to help keep your garden pests in check.


Figs that will ripen in the Northwest


We carry warm climate citrus plants in our indoor plant department throughout the year. Call for availability!

Organic fertilizers and soil enhancers


Hardy herbs can be grown year-round; enjoy fresh flavor!


Humagic, Cascade Minerals, Biochar

Revitalize your soil the natural way!

Tarter tubs, planting bins, cedar containers and raised bed kits available