Pond and Water Gardening Supplies

Sky Nursery carries a full line of pond and water garden supplies year round, and a great selection of pond plants now.

Ponds, waterfalls, fountains, water bowls... we have the products and knowledge to help you install and maintain a wide assortment of water features.

 Check out these DIY blog posts on creating a water bowl or a pondless water feature.   Watch our pump maintenance video.
Fish Supplies

Koi food, nets and skimmers, extra long gloves, netting, and more
Water Bowls

Perfect for a deck corner--turn a large container into a still water feature.
Lights add that extra something to this fountain!

We carry both the basics and the extras to perfect your water feature.
Water Plants

Including hardy water lilies
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Everything you need to build or maintain a pond, waterfall, or water feature

Liner, pumps, filters, tubing, fittings... pond chemicals and test kits and algae-fix... even Bt dunks and bits to keep your pond or water feature mosquito-free, organically!