Coffee Stand

Owned and operated by Sky Nursery, the Coffee Stand serves Fidalgo Bay coffee. Each drink is made with the highest attention to quality. The coffee is ground to order and each shot is timed and preserved so you enjoy the best part of the bean. Our beans are a medium and dark roast.

Along with coffee beverages, juices, milk, and Italian sodas, the Coffee Stand offers local pastries, coffee cake, and cookies. For lunch, we offer a rotating selection of salads, sandwiches, quiche, and savory snacks. Stop by for a snack next time you are shopping!

Open Every Day - 9 am - 5 pm

Free Wi-Fi! Just ask us for the password.

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Now serving quiche
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Fidalgo Bay Coffee is shade grown in canopy trees, preserving the environment for wildlife. It is hand picked to perfection, sun dried free from pesticides and chemicals and then roasted in Burlington, Washington. We are proud to serve you the best cup of coffee or beverage.
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We have expanded our menu, including savory choices as well as sweets.